International Departure Services

Your AIM Resources, Inc. consultant will help your employee with their departure. Customized assistance will be offered in many areas including:

• Giving appropriate notice to vacate a leased property
• Arrange and provide a move-out inspection of the property with a checklist documenting the condition against the move-in inspection report listing all necessary repairs
• Recommendation and securing a handyman for small repairs, if requested
• Assist with providing cleaning service for property, if requested
• Assist with obtaining full security deposits by advocating for the client
• Notify utilities and phone company to disconnect service
• Help with canceling car insurance, home insurance, and bank accounts
• Remind client to notify post office, cell phone carrier, credit cards, magazines, and other mailings of address change
• Remind client to cancel gym and other club memberships
• Remind client to ask for all medical, dental, veterinarian, and school records
• Assist with specific requests

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